About the Project

What is Art Hive?

Art Hive is a social media movement to bring people together during the COVID-19 global outbreak. Our main goals are to create a platform to promote artists and craftspeople in need of an income during this trying time. A list of artists and links to support them can be found here.

Additionally, while we cannot be near physically, we wanted to create a way for people to participate in a shared experience. This took the form of art making submissions around a daily theme. The intent was to give people a starting point to process the situation, combat loneliness and anxieties, and help alleviate boredom.

Our next step is to create a Zine documenting these times including all of the submissions we received. 

Who can participate?

We welcome and encourage anyone to join! Any discipline in the arts is welcome. Respond visually with any medium, performing arts, or writing. Just use the hashtag #ArtHiveProject to join in.

How can I help?

If you can't support the artists yourself, spread the word and raise awareness! We can help protect our artists if we can connect them to patrons. 

How do I get listed in the directory?

Fill out this form to submit your information directly.

We'll ask you for your name, location, a short description of what you do, and any links useful in supporting you. Once we verify your information, you'll be on the list!

About the Creators

Liz Stahl

During the 2020 COVID-19 international crisis and resulting social distancing, Liz strove to find a way for people to connect. She wanted to give people an opportunity to process their situations and new challenges through art. To bring these two ideas together she came up with the bones of the idea that became Art Hive.

Julia Pfaar

Julia was brought onto Art Hive because she shared the same enthusiasm for this project as Liz. She believes that art can bring people together especially in a time when the world is so chaotic. Her role in this project was focussed on the backend of things such as graphic design work, assisting with prompts and curating artworks.


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